Thursday, March 10, 2011

Whoops, Chris Javier is NOT Going to UST

It all started with this box score, from a recent MBL game:

The typical reaction to it was, "Hmm, Jeric Teng...Karim, Kevin Ferrer really is with UST now...Camus...CHRIS JAVIER???"

See what I mean? In fact, even I got so caught up in it, Tweeting yesterday:

When you think about it, Javier would have been a crazy-awesome addition to the Tigers. It would give them a nice, three-headed big man rotation, and someone to inherit Chris Camus' position when the latter graduates. After the initial "Wow, UST could be a Final Four team" conversations though, this came along, from a trusted Tigers source:

Oh, whoops. I could rail about how this is a result of our local newspapers' inability to print full box scores, the sensationalism of internet forums, the craziness over recruitment, but hey. We're all human and we all make mistakes, and the important thing is that we do not panic...


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