Friday, May 6, 2011

Looking Ahead: The S74 Rookie of the Year Race

One interesting nugget of information that Eric Altamirano shared with reporters after last Monday's game versus Arellano University is the fact that superstar Bobby Ray Parks will in fact be an incoming sophomore this upcoming UAAP season, thus disqualifying him from Rookie of the Year honors, as per "The Jai Reyes rule."

According to said rule, only actual freshman players can be eligible for the Rookie of the Year award, preventing Team B call-ups, transferees, and other players requiring residency, from winning said award.

The rule became mainstream knowledge after Jervy Cruz was declared ineligible in Season 69, despite leading his Tigers to the championship. Former Maroon Woody Co won the award instead that season.

In essence, the rule forbids the following players, among others, from winning the award: Bobby Ray Parks, Norbert Torres, Cris Tolomia, Cedric Labing-isa, Kyle Neypes, Russell Escoto, Alinko Mbah, Greg Slaughter and Karim Abdul.

Players who are in fact eligible to win the award are Kiefer Ravena, Chris Javier, Kevin Ferrer, Ponso Gotladera, and Arnold Van Opstal.


  1. Louie Vigil won't qualify too right?

  2. I think so. Like Van Opstal, they both repeated classes or a year level or something at other high schools and so are true rookies