Saturday, May 14, 2011

Trading Places: DLSU Edition

To recap, a bunch of DLSU Green Archers have found roster spots in other schools. They are:
  • Gab Banal from Team A to MIT
  • Joel Tolentino from Team A to CSB
  • Andrew Harris from Team D(evelopmental) to CSB to UP (?)
  • Brian Organ from Team D(evelopmental) back to the U.S.
  • Nico Elorde from Team to ADMU
  • JR Gallarza from Team D(evelopmental) to UP (?) 
Six players in one summer is an unusually high number for any school not facing a regime change in coaching, but that number might creep up even higher, if the following rumors pan out.
  • Michael Pate from Team A to CSB. He has supposedly taken the entrance exam and is just waiting for the results
  • Louie Vigil from Team A to UST is a distinct possibility, according to a Tigers insider on Gameface. He is currently practicing with the team, but has offers from two other UAAP schools. The point is, he's out of DLSU.
  • There's also supposedly one more player who wants out, according to a very credible source who texted me yesterday. A Team A newbie, to be more precise. If I hear more, I'll post it, but let's just say it would be devastating if this guy leaves.

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