Friday, March 11, 2011

Nelson Beltran Takes Back His "Ex Eagle Ryan Buenafe" Comment

After inducing a heart attack on Ateneans all over, and impromptu celebrations from students from the other 7 schools of the UAAP, Philippine Star writer Nelson Beltran has gone back on his controversial statement from his article yesterday.

In a follow-up piece in today's paper, Beltran quotes Ateneo team manager Paolo Trillo, who says:
We’ve talked to Ryan the other day (Tuesday). We didn’t give him the permission to play in the D-League as we want him to concentrate with his academics
Traditionally, Ateneo De Manila University, under Coach Norman Black, has discouraged active players from playing in minor league tournaments, unless it's as a complete team.

To be honest though, it wasn't Buenafe playing for a PBA-DL team that shocked fans, but the fact that Beltran called him an "Ex Eagle". That statement came completely out of nowhere, given that Buenafe was eligible to play in the Developmental League, having been a member of Team A of Ateneo for more than two seasons. Although there have been rumors that Buenafe would be academically ineligible to play in Season 74, such rumors cannot be believed in, given the fact that grades for the second semester have not yet been released yet.

Buenafe famously promised the Ateneo community four more championships after the team won the title in Season 71. He has two more years of eligibility left.

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