Friday, March 18, 2011

Updated FilOil Flying V Premiere Cup 2011 Schedule

Updated as of March 18, 2011. Still a slight chance that some adjustments will be made, but this is more accurate than the previous one. Also, Filoil rosters are due next week.

April 09
2pm ADMU vs SBC
4pm DLSU vs UST

April 13
3:30pm Arellano vs Letran

April 15 
2:15pm UP vs Letran
4pm UST vs SSCR

April 16
12:30pm UE vs JRU
2:15pm FEU vs AdU
4pm NU vs SBC

April 25
1:45pm AdU vs UE
3:30pm Lyceum vs ADMU

April 27
1:45pm UP vs FEU
3:30pm Letran vs AdU
5:15pm DLSU vs NU

April 29
12:30pm UE vs EAC
2:15pm AdU vs UP

April 30
12:30pm FEU vs Mapua
2:15pm SSCR vs NU
4pm ADMU vs UST

May 02
12:30pm EAC vs UP
2:15pm AdU vs UP

May 04
1:45pm UE vs Letran
3:30pm Arellano vs ADMU
5:15pm NU vs UST

May 06
2:15pm UP vs JRU

May 07
2:15pm UE vs FEU
4pm ADMU vs NU

May 11 
1:45pm CSB vs AdU
3:30pm EAC vs UP
5:15pm SSCR vs ADMU

May 13
1:30pm UE vs CSB

May 14
2:15pm UST vs Lyceum
4pm FEU vs JRU

May 18
3:30pm CSB vs FEU
5:15pm Arellano vs UST

May 20
1:30pm AdU vs Mapua

May 21
2:15pm UP vs UE
4pm DLSU vs SSCR

May 25
2:15pm FEU vs Letran
4pm Lyceum vs DLSU

May 27
1:30pm UP vs CSB

May 28
1pm EAC vs FEU
3pm JRU vs Adamson
5pm SBC vs DLSU

Jun 01
1:45pm UP vs Mapua
3:30pm DLSU vs Arellano

Jun 04
2pm SBC vs UST
4pm DLSU vs ADMU

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