Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy News for UST Fans

A belated happy 400th birthday to all of my UST readers out there. I come bearing 4 gifts, in honor of your 400th birthday, which might get you guys excited. Although as always, rumors (as you will undoubtedly see) have a way of changing at bad times so the following are true, right now, but Lord knows might not be by the time the FilOil Preseason tournament kicks off.

1) I'm backing off my previous post that said that Kevin Ferrer was ADMU-bound, for the simple reason that things have changed. As mentioned in my previous post, a UST-insider recently broke the word to people at the Blue Eagles Nest that Ferrer would be staying at home. It's the sort of thing that either inspires or is backed up by forum posts of unknown legitimacy, but let's just say that a betting man would put money on him staying...for now. 

2) Robin Tan, a Team B call-up who went to Xavier School (the same school that gave you Jeric Teng), looks to be a more than capable point guard who could shift Jeric Fortuna to his more natural "2" position. "Shoo-in" is how the above UST-insider described him and a recent performance versus Letran got him rave reviews.

3) Karim Abdul. No, really, Karim Abdul. That's the name of UST's African player, and well, he could possibly the best of the lot. The reason? Like his namesake, he's got skills, including a good post repertoire, a jump shot, and hops. Perhaps finally, your Jervy Cruz replacement is here!

4) A new assistant coach for defense!

Based on all of the above, it's conceivable that UST will rise above their 7th place finish from S73, and have an outside shot at making the Final Four...hey, the Tigers can dream right?

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