Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Burning Questions: DLSU vs NU 5/25/2011

#1 Which team has their rotation down?
Both teams have just completed their summer training programs, and with the UAAP less than two months away, one might think that the two sides' respective coaches now have a better idea of who's going to get minutes and who isn't. While that's not to say that we might not see some experimental line-ups, I just feel that, if you're still playing 13 to 14 players a game at this point in time, in a non-blowout situation, that might speak to some uncertainty within the organization.

#2 Which team can beat the zone?
La Salle has traditionally had difficulties facing zone defenses, while NU has suffered in this tournament against that same scheme. I feel strongly that the team that does more than just swing the ball around the perimeter, looking for a triple, has a better chance of winning this game, and doing well come UAAP time.

#3 Which team can get out in transition more?
You think La Salle basketball and you think scoring opportunities off their press, but there's a well-known basketball chestnut that says, "teams that love to press, hate to be pressed." We saw before the Archers left for Chicago Calvin Abueva streaking from one end of the court to the other, scoring at will against the smaller DLSU guards. Bobby Ray Parks is of a similar body type, but he's bigger, faster, and a better shooter. He could very well be in for a big game.

#4 Which team can control the boards more?
Last UAAP season, NU's Emmanuel Mbe posted a pair of impressive double-doubles, powering the Bulldogs to a season split versus the Archers. We're still uncertain if Mbe will play this game, but he'd be a game changer if he does. On the other hand, DLSU has added three big rookies to their frontcourt in Arnold Van Opstal, Ponso Gotladera, and Norbert Torres. Van Opstal in particular, has been a big boost, pulling down 5.3 in just 12.3 minutes. If both teams go to the zone a lot more, those boards become much more important and could lead to more transition opportunities

#5 Minor questions
Will the Archers suffer from their usual post-Chicago trip malaise? ...Will NU keep riding rookie Cedric Labing-isa or will we see the more experienced Joseph Terso? ...How is the DLSU morale after all the defections? ...Can Simon Atkins snap out of his slump? ...Is NU big man AJ Henson with the squad and is he eligible for this season? ...Can Kyle Neypes contribute anything to this NU team? ...Are the Archers seriously considering bringing back Ferdinand or James Mangahas to be their 16th man? ...Does NU still have a surprise recruit up their sleeve?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Of Chris's and Kris'

Some recent Twitter stupidity on my part, confusion over some Americans/Fil-Ams who at one point were ADMU-bound but are now not. So, to set everything straight:

I think that clears things up quite well right? 

    S73: Who's Most Productive?

    The second in a series of posts looking at last season's players through the eyes of stats, as put forth by the site Part 1, HelpValue, can be found here.

    The next metric we're going to use to evaluate last season's UAAP players is called ProductivityValue. The equation to get that number is:

    prod = (points + hv) / min

    Here's what that number means:
    "This is an average of how much the player contributed per minute. So a value of 1.00 means that, on average, the player had a point, rebound, assist, steal, or block, for every minute he was in the game, without making a turnover." 

    Now that we know what we're looking at, let's see who had the best ProductivityValue

    The top 20 players of last season, based on PV

    Once again, we see that Ateneo boasted six players who can be considered "very productive," based on their average performances. FEU had four, including Carl Bryan Cruz, who only plays an average of 7.4 minutes, but based on the metrics, Cruz apparently seems to do quite a lot in the short time he's given. A case can also be made that DLSU's best, or at the very least, most productive frontcourt pairing might be Andrada and Mendoza. UE's dynamic duo of Lee and Acibar are right up there again, but unfortunately for the Growling Tigers, they lack a representative in the Top 20. Their most productive player is Chris Camus, who ranked number 23, with a rating of 0.65.

    Of the top 20, four will have moved on due to graduation, while another four face eligibility concerns.

    My next post in this series will be about MVP rating, which is, hopefully, a better way of looking at who's valuable to a team beyond adding up all their numbers, which is what the UAAP currently does.

    Monday, May 16, 2011

    S73: Who Helps the Most? uses the HelpValue metric to measure how much a player contributes to a team beyond just scoring. It's a simple stat that can be computed using the following equation:

    hv = rebounds + assists + steals + blocks - turnovers

     So, which players in the UAAP had the highest HelpValue?

    The top 20 players in the UAAP last season, based on HV

    Interestingly, Ateneo boasts the most number of players in the Top 20, five, but with none in the Top 10. The other three Final Four teams Adamson, La Salle, and Far Eastern, all have just two each, though FEU's and DLSU's are both in the top 10. NU only has one, Mbe, while UP and UST had three each. UE's two representatives were both in the Top 10.

    Five of the Top 20 have graduated, with another three players having eligibility questions for S74.

    In future posts, we'll be looking at two other metrics, ProductivityValue, and MVP rating.

    Saturday, May 14, 2011

    FEU Might Lose a Player, Gain a Player

    • What ever the heck happened to Arvie Bringas? The most sought-after recruit two seasons ago had a falling out, supposedly of the academic sort, with DLSU after his rookie year and got a transfer to FEU, to play with his brother Mark Bringas, himself a transferee from SSC-R. Despite being in the line-up for the Tams, I can't ever recall seeing him on the bench, let alone get some playing time. One conspiracy theory has him belatedly being Soc Rivera'd by DLSU, while less malicious minds have it as a transcript snafu. Will we see him in yellow and green come Season 74? My money's on "Wait for Season 75"
    • What ever the heck happened to Gino Juamo-as? Last season's NCAA Juniors MVP said he'd love to study at Ateneo after the Finals, then changed his tune to "I'd love to play with my province-mate RR Garcia." Then everyone got surprised when his name was listed under SSC-R when rosters for the Fil-Oil Preseason Tournament came out, with part of the surprise stemming from pictures of the FEU team building activity with him in them. He played a grand total of 28 minutes in two games, scoring 8 points in his debut, and none in his second, before disappearing from the Stags' bench for the last three games, supposedly because he was sick. Well, he must have felt better because he was supposedly spotted near the FEU locker room awhile ago, after their Fil-Oil win versus JRU. Cause for doubt? The game before FEU's was SSC-R vs LPU. 

    Trading Places: DLSU Edition

    To recap, a bunch of DLSU Green Archers have found roster spots in other schools. They are:
    • Gab Banal from Team A to MIT
    • Joel Tolentino from Team A to CSB
    • Andrew Harris from Team D(evelopmental) to CSB to UP (?)
    • Brian Organ from Team D(evelopmental) back to the U.S.
    • Nico Elorde from Team to ADMU
    • JR Gallarza from Team D(evelopmental) to UP (?) 
    Six players in one summer is an unusually high number for any school not facing a regime change in coaching, but that number might creep up even higher, if the following rumors pan out.
    • Michael Pate from Team A to CSB. He has supposedly taken the entrance exam and is just waiting for the results
    • Louie Vigil from Team A to UST is a distinct possibility, according to a Tigers insider on Gameface. He is currently practicing with the team, but has offers from two other UAAP schools. The point is, he's out of DLSU.
    • There's also supposedly one more player who wants out, according to a very credible source who texted me yesterday. A Team A newbie, to be more precise. If I hear more, I'll post it, but let's just say it would be devastating if this guy leaves.

    S73 Autopsy: ADMU Blue Eagles

    Outgoing Players
    - Eric Salamat (10.4 points, 2.5 rebounds, 4.2 assists, 1.8 steals)
    - Jason Escueta (3.1 points, 2.6 rebounds)
    - Carlo Balmaceda

    Win/Loss Records

    - S73: 10-4 (2nd, champions)
    - S72: 13-1 (1st, champions)
    - S71: 13-1 (1st, champions)

    Key Stats
    - First in free throws made per game (15.76) and free throw percentage (69.43%)
    - First in defensive rebounds per game (29), and assists (16.41)
    - First in opponents' field goals made per game (21.47) and opponents' field goal percentage (33.83%)
    - First in opponents' points per game (61.59)
    - Last in opponents' three point field goals attempted per game (21.59)

    Wednesday, May 11, 2011

    Nico Elorde Transfers to ADMU

    Buried within Quinito Henson's boxing column today is this nugget:

    Boxing promoter Johnny Elorde and wife Liza were in town to watch the Pacquiao-Mosley fight. In a brief conversation, they mentioned that their son Nico, a La Salle Zobel graduate, has asked for his release from the Green Archers varsity team.

    “Nico spoke with coach Dindo (Pumaren) who wanted him to reconsider and sleep over it,” said Liza. “But Nico feels he won’t have a place with the team anymore. Dan Sara was recruited, Simon Atkins is the starter and L. A. Revilla is back so the point guard position is deep. When Ateneo found out about Nico leaving, (team manager) Luigi [sic] Trillo immediately called to ask if he could move. Nico is green-blooded through and through but he wants to play. Ateneo tried to recruit him after high school graduation. Nico decided to stay at La Salle.”

    Liza said Nico has enrolled at Ateneo and coach Norman Black will give him the opportunity to crack the lineup. What made Nico decide to leave was Pumaren’s decision to leave him out of the 16-man lineup that he took to Chicago for a training program this summer.

    Some background: It is in fact true that Ateneo tried its best to recruit Elorde after high school. The more extreme rumors even had Gwyne Capacio try to recruit ALL of his batchmates, including Elorde and Arnold Van Opstal! That said, aside from Capacio, Elorde was the most likely to go blue, after graduation from DLSZ. Up until March of last year, Elorde was often seen practicing alongside Ateneo's Team A at the Moro Lorenzo Gym. Thus, Blue Eagles fans were a bit surprised when La Salle's roster came out and had him on it.

    Elorde was one of the five Green Archers on their Fil-Oil tournament roster who were not included in their US training trip. Also not included were Michael Pate, Aiki Herrera, Martin Reyes, and Louie Vigil.

    This is the latest in a series of player movement out of DLSU. Earlier in the summer, development team big man Andrew Harris transferred to sister school CSB, before leaving the Blazers and reportedly trying out at UP. More recently, another development team member, Brian Organ, opted to return to the US.

    DLSU projects to have only one graduating player after S74, guard Simon Atkins. They'd still have guys like (current) sophomores Almond Vosotros, Jarelan Tampus, and Luigi Dela Paz, senior Sam Marata, rookie Dan Sara, and the returning LA Revilla, making Elorde's chance at getting minutes slim.

    Elorde would have to sit out at the minimum, one year due to establish residency, two if DLSU decides to invoke the Soc Rivera rule (in other words, "disallowing" his transfer).

    Should he play in S75, ADMU will be graduating Bacon Austria, Kirk Long and Emman Monfort, three guards, after S74. The Eagles would still have Kiefer Ravena, Juami Tiongson, and Mark Tallo, but that's less than what DLSU has ahead of him.

    EDIT #1: Forgot to mention former RP Youth U-18 member Gab Banal switching to MIT and Joel Tolentino jumping to CSB

    EDIT #2: Some new information has surfaced since this was first posted: another D-Team member, JR Gallarza, has left the team after supposedly breaking a team rule, and might be UP-bound along with Harris. Michael Pate and Louie Vigil, two other players left off the US trip, have left DLSU as well.

    Friday, May 6, 2011

    Looking Ahead: The S74 Rookie of the Year Race

    One interesting nugget of information that Eric Altamirano shared with reporters after last Monday's game versus Arellano University is the fact that superstar Bobby Ray Parks will in fact be an incoming sophomore this upcoming UAAP season, thus disqualifying him from Rookie of the Year honors, as per "The Jai Reyes rule."

    According to said rule, only actual freshman players can be eligible for the Rookie of the Year award, preventing Team B call-ups, transferees, and other players requiring residency, from winning said award.

    The rule became mainstream knowledge after Jervy Cruz was declared ineligible in Season 69, despite leading his Tigers to the championship. Former Maroon Woody Co won the award instead that season.

    In essence, the rule forbids the following players, among others, from winning the award: Bobby Ray Parks, Norbert Torres, Cris Tolomia, Cedric Labing-isa, Kyle Neypes, Russell Escoto, Alinko Mbah, Greg Slaughter and Karim Abdul.

    Players who are in fact eligible to win the award are Kiefer Ravena, Chris Javier, Kevin Ferrer, Ponso Gotladera, and Arnold Van Opstal.

    Tuesday, May 3, 2011

    FilOil This Week: 050211 to 050811

    May 2 (Monday)
    9:00am - UST vs UE (Jrs)
    10:45am - NU vs Letran (Jrs)

    12:30pm - EAC vs FEU (Srs)
    2:15pm - NU vs Lyceum (Srs)
    4pm - CSB vs JRU (Srs)

    May 4 (Wednesday)
    9am - SSCR vs EAC (Jrs)
    10:45am - RP Youth U16 vs FEU-FERN (Jrs)
    12:30pm - Arellano vs Ateneo (Srs)
    2:15pm - Letran vs Adamson (Srs)
    4pm - SSCR vs NU (Srs)

    May 6 (Friday)
    10:45am - Ateneo vs Arellano (Jrs)
    12:30pm - Letran vs CSB (Srs)
    2:15pm - Lyceum vs Arellano (Srs)
    4pm - UP vs JRU (Srs)

    May 7 (Saturday)
    9am - Arellano vs Mapua/Malayan (Jrs)
    10:45am -  FEU-FERN  vs De La Salle-Zobel (Jrs)
    12:30pm - EAC vs Adamson (Srs)
    2:15pm - UE vs FEU (Srs)
    4pm - Ateneo vs NU (Srs)

    Next, next week - SSCR vs Ateneo, FEU vs JRU

    Brian Organ Returns to the US

    Surprising news out of Taft as Jim Organ, Brian Organ's father, has taken to ArcherPride to confirm that he and his son have opted to return to the United States instead of waiting out the residency period to play here for La Salle.

    Says Jim Organ:

    "With regret i will confirm.. it is true; Brian is going back to the US. Things did not work out for Brian, He leaves with a heavy heart. I would like to thank everyone for all the Good things Done for my son and the Generosity ,Support and Kindness shown to him [sic]."

    The departure of the Organ boy makes it the second lost recruit out of the DLSU D-Team (Developmental Team). Earlier in the summer, power forward Andrew Harris was listed under the CSB Team B roster for the Sandugo PSC Collegiate Development League, but he never played, and was rumored to have transferred to UP. 

    The remaining names to take note of from the DLSU D-Team are Maoi Marcelino (eligible in S75) and JR Gallarza (eligible in S76).