Tuesday, May 17, 2011

S73: Who's Most Productive?

The second in a series of posts looking at last season's players through the eyes of stats, as put forth by the site PopcornMachine.net. Part 1, HelpValue, can be found here.

The next metric we're going to use to evaluate last season's UAAP players is called ProductivityValue. The equation to get that number is:

prod = (points + hv) / min

Here's what that number means:
"This is an average of how much the player contributed per minute. So a value of 1.00 means that, on average, the player had a point, rebound, assist, steal, or block, for every minute he was in the game, without making a turnover." 

Now that we know what we're looking at, let's see who had the best ProductivityValue

The top 20 players of last season, based on PV

Once again, we see that Ateneo boasted six players who can be considered "very productive," based on their average performances. FEU had four, including Carl Bryan Cruz, who only plays an average of 7.4 minutes, but based on the metrics, Cruz apparently seems to do quite a lot in the short time he's given. A case can also be made that DLSU's best, or at the very least, most productive frontcourt pairing might be Andrada and Mendoza. UE's dynamic duo of Lee and Acibar are right up there again, but unfortunately for the Growling Tigers, they lack a representative in the Top 20. Their most productive player is Chris Camus, who ranked number 23, with a rating of 0.65.

Of the top 20, four will have moved on due to graduation, while another four face eligibility concerns.

My next post in this series will be about MVP rating, which is, hopefully, a better way of looking at who's valuable to a team beyond adding up all their numbers, which is what the UAAP currently does.

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