Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Brian Organ Returns to the US

Surprising news out of Taft as Jim Organ, Brian Organ's father, has taken to ArcherPride to confirm that he and his son have opted to return to the United States instead of waiting out the residency period to play here for La Salle.

Says Jim Organ:

"With regret i will confirm.. it is true; Brian is going back to the US. Things did not work out for Brian, He leaves with a heavy heart. I would like to thank everyone for all the Good things Done for my son and the Generosity ,Support and Kindness shown to him [sic]."

The departure of the Organ boy makes it the second lost recruit out of the DLSU D-Team (Developmental Team). Earlier in the summer, power forward Andrew Harris was listed under the CSB Team B roster for the Sandugo PSC Collegiate Development League, but he never played, and was rumored to have transferred to UP. 

The remaining names to take note of from the DLSU D-Team are Maoi Marcelino (eligible in S75) and JR Gallarza (eligible in S76). 

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