Friday, March 11, 2011

2011 FilOil Pre-season Premier Cup Schedule

Schedule comes courtesy of Bleachers Brew and is still subject to revision. Under the cut: the complete schedule for the UAAP squads, and a team by team breakdown, if you only care about your alma mater!

9-Apr (Saturday)
2pm - Ateneo vs San Beda
4pm - La Salle vs UST

13-Apr (Wednesday)
3:30pm - Arellano vs NU

15-Apr (Friday)
2:15pm - UP vs Letran
4pm - UST vs SSC-R

16-Apr (Saturday)
12:30pm - NU vs San Beda
2:15pm - FEU vs Adamson
4pm - UE vs JRU

25-Apr (Monday)
1:45pm - Lyceum vs Ateneo
3:30pm - Adamson vs UE
5:15pm - La Salle vs NU

27-Apr (Wednesday)
1:45pm - UP vs FEU
5:15pm - Letran vs Adamson

29-Apr (Friday)
12:30pm - UE vs UPHSD
2:15pm - Adamson vs UP

30-Apr (Saturday)
12:30pm - Ateneo vs UST
2:15pm - SSC-R vs NU
4pm - FEU vs Mapua

2-May (Monday)
12:30pm - EAC vs UP

4-May (Wednesday)
1:45pm - UE vs Letran
3:30pm - Arellano vs Ateneo
5:15pm - NU vs UST

6-May (Friday)
2:15pm - UP vs JRU
4pm - Mapua vs Adamson

7-May (Saturday)
2:15pm - UE vs FEU
4pm - Ateneo vs NU

11-May (Wednesday)
1:45pm - EAC vs UP
3:30pm - CSB vs Adamson
5:15pm - SSC-R vs Ateneo

13-May (Friday)
1:30pm - UE vs CSB

14-May (Saturday)
2:15pm - UST vs Lyceum
4pm - FEU vs JRU

18-May (Wednesday)
3:30pm - CSB vs FEU
5:15pm - Arellano vs UST

21-May (Saturday)
2:15pm - UE vs UP
4pm - La Salle vs SSC-R

25-May (Wednesday)
2:15pm - Lyceum vs La Salle

27-May (Friday)
1:30pm - UP vs CSB
3:15pm - FEU vs Letran

28-May (Saturday)
1pm - JRU vs Adamson
3pm - UE vs Mapua
5pm - San Beda vs La Salle

1-Jun (Wednesday)
1:45pm - Mapua vs UP
3:30pm - La Salle vs Arellano

4-Jun (Saturday)
12pm - EAC vs FEU
2pm - San Beda vs UST
4pm - La Salle vs Ateneo


Ateneo's Schedule:

9-Apr (Saturday) @2pm - vs San Beda
25-Apr (Monday) @1:45pm - vs Lyceum
30-Apr (Saturday) @12:30pm - vs UST
4-May (Wednesday) @3:30pm - vs Arellano
7-May (Saturday) @4pm - vs NU
11-May (Wednesday) @5:15pm - vs SSC-R
4-Jun (Saturday) @4pm - vs La Salle

La Salle's Schedule:

9-Apr (Saturday) @4pm - vs UST
25-Apr (Monday) @5:15pm - vs NU
21-May (Saturday) @4pm - vs SSC-R
25-May (Wednesday) @2:15pm - vs Lyceum
28-May (Saturday) @5pm - vs San Beda
1-Jun (Wednesday) @3:30pm - vs Arellano
4-Jun (Saturday) @4pm - vs Ateneo

NU's Schedule:

13-Apr (Wednesday) @3:30pm - vs Arellano
16-Apr (Saturday) @12:30pm - vs San Beda
25-Apr (Monday) @5:15pm - vs La Salle
30-Apr (Saturday) @2:15pm - vs SSC-R
4-May (Wednesday) @5:15pm - vs UST
7-May (Saturday) @4pm - vs Ateneo
Lacks a game versus Lyceum?

UP's Schedule:

15-Apr (Friday) @2:15pm - vs Letran
27-Apr (Wednesday) @1:45pm - vs FEU
29-Apr (Friday) @2:15pm - vs Adamson
2-May (Monday) @12:30pm - vs EAC
6-May (Friday) @2:15pm - vs JRU
11-May (Wednesday) @1:45pm - vs EAC (Again? Might be a typo here)
21-May (Saturday) @2:15pm - vs UE
27-May (Friday) @1:30pm - vs CSB
1-Jun (Wednesday) @1:45pm - vs Mapua
Nine games?

UST's Schedule:

9-Apr (Saturday) @4pm - vs La Salle
15-Apr (Friday) @4pm - vs SSC-R
30-Apr (Saturday) @12:30pm - vs Ateneo
4-May (Wednesday) @5:15pm - vs NU
14-May (Saturday) @2:15pm - vs Lyceum
18-May (Wednesday) @5:15pm - vs Arellano
4-Jun (Saturday) @2pm - vs San Beda

FEU's Schedule:

16-Apr (Saturday) @2:15pm - vs Adamson
27-Apr (Wednesday) @1:45pm - vs UP
30-Apr (Saturday) @4pm - vs Mapua
7-May (Saturday) @2:15pm - vs UE
14-May (Saturday) @4pm - vs JRU
18-May (Wednesday) @3:30pm - vs CSB
27-May (Friday) @3:15pm - vs Letran
4-Jun (Saturday) @12pm - vs EAC

Adamson's Schedule:

16-Apr (Saturday) @2:15pm - vs FEU
25-Apr (Monday)  @3:30pm - vs UE
27-Apr (Wednesday) @5:15pm - vs Letran
29-Apr (Friday) @2:15pm - vs UP
6-May (Friday) @4pm - vs Mapua
11-May (Wednesday) @3:30pm - vs CSB
28-May (Saturday) @1pm - vs JRU
Lacks a game versus EAC?

UE's Schedule:

16-Apr (Saturday) @4pm - vs JRU
25-Apr (Monday)  @3:30pm - vs Adamson
29-Apr (Friday) @12:30pm - vs UPHSD
4-May (Wednesday) @1:45pm - vs Letran
7-May (Saturday) @2:15pm - vs FEU
13-May (Friday) @1:30pm - UE vs CSB
21-May (Saturday) @2:15pm - vs UP
28-May (Saturday) @3pm - vs Mapua

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