Monday, August 1, 2011

One Day Later: DLSU vs UE, ADU vs NU

No way out - second quarter shut down defense silenced UE (pic source)

DLSU 87 - UE 63
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Player of the Game : While all the hype has been on LA Revilla, and deservedly so, catalyst 1a for the Green Archers has to be Jarelan Tampus, the former Letran Squire who had a mediocre first season for La Salle, but has suddenly become their run starter, the guy who gets his teammates into a groove with his offense. We saw that again today, as Tampus' 11 second quarter points ignited a huge run for the Archers, blowing UE out of the water and out of contention in this game. All in all, he finished with a game-high 15 points, plus four assists and two steals.

DLSU Stat to Watch : Though it was slow to start, 6 of 18 shooting in the first quarter, eventually, DLSU's offense warmed up to reach 26 of 47 shooting, or 55 percent, as UE's defense conceded 49.23% field goal shooting all in all. That's the highest the Archers have shot all season so far.
DLSU Player to Watch : Maui Villanueva didn't do much, 5 points, 3 rebounds and 2 blocks in 21 minutes, but they didn't really need him to do much either. Overall, this was a wash.

UE Stat to Watch : UE simply cannot score, cannot put the basket through the hoop, at least based on the line-ups they've been putting out there. While I wrote that their problems may originate from an inability to spread the floor with triples, nothing in this game told us otherwise, as UE finished with jus 3 of 15 shooting from downtown in the loss.
UE Player to Watch : After burying DLSU head coach Dindo Pumaren in the first few weeks for his lack of a decent rotation, so too must we bury Jerry Codinera, who continues throw out some of the weirdest line-ups out there, inexplicably benching people like Adrian Santos until it's too late. Seeing action late, Santos still managed 14 markers and 3 rebounds in just 9 minutes of play. Meanwhile for whatever reason there is, Nico Montelibano got 7 minutes, and Jess Sabangan got 6.

Other Stats:
  • The Archers went up and down the floor today, getting 17 fastbreak points and 24 turnover points during the contest, while UE got just 10 and 11 respectively. 
  • La Salle's 32 points during the second quarter were the most points scored in 10 minutes so far this season. Ateneo previously held that record with 31 versus NU.

Dazed and confused - NU managed to win without big contributions from Parks, while AdU lost to a simple 2-3 zone (pic source)

NU 63 - ADU 56
Recap - - - Preview

Player of the Game : Denice Villamor was clutch for the Bulldogs today, with 8 of his 11 points coming in the fourth quarter, in the last three minutes in fact, all of them momentum changers. Villamor was also incredibly efficient, needing just 6 attempts to amass those points in 20 minutes. He also pulled down 7 rebounds.

ADU Stat to Watch : Well, Adamson got yet another strong first start, jumping out to a 20-10 lead, but NU managed to claw their way back, as the Falcons couldn't sustain their fiery first quarter.
ADU Player to Watch : Jerick Canada finished with 7 points, 4 rebounds and 1 assist in something of a weird game for him. 5 of his points game in the first quarter, and he was nowhere near as dynamic as he's been before, especially in the fourth quarter, which explains his singular dish. And yet, Austria went with Canada more down the stretch, before finally putting in Alvarez when they needed triples. Perhaps a different rotation would have been more effective?

NU Stat to Watch : Part of the reason why NU won was because they "dirtied" up the game to the point where the Falcons were playing at their level. Adamson had just five more field goal attempts than NU, 65 to 60, but both teams had just 14 offensive rebounds, and both also turned the ball over 16 times. The Falcons normally get 1.6 more offensive rebounds, and turn it over 3 times less on average.
NU Player to Watch : Boy how the mighty have fallen. From being an established veteran and team captain, Joseph Terso became a benchwarmer today, as Altamirano opted to go with Gelo Alolino as his starter, and Cedrick Labing-isa as his reliever. The change worked, as the two combined for 15 points, 3 triples and 6 steals in a win, meaning Terso better be comfortable watching the action from the sideline.

Other Stats: 
  • Snap judgment: As long as Emmanuel Mbe plays well (16 points, 12 rebounds, 2 blocks), the Bulldogs don't need Bobby Ray Parks to post astounding numbers (7 points, 4 rebounds, 1 assist). That said, Parks did single-handedly carry NU over UP...
  • Adamson shot below 27% from beyond the arc as the NU zone defense did them in. The Falcons were just 18.18% from long-range, making only 4 of 22 attemtps.

UAAP Picking Record: 15-5

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