Tuesday, August 9, 2011

One Day Later: AU vs SSCR, EAC vs UPHSD

SSCR 92 - AU 79
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Player of the Game : Calvin Abueva put together the first triple-double of the season, with an 18 point, 13 rebound, 10 assist performance (he missed out on a quadruple-double by two turnovers). He bounced back in a big way from his 0 assist performance versus EAC, but still needs to temper some of those reckless passes over the long-run.

AU Stat to Watch : Arellano actually won the second quarter, 20-18, thanks to a few furious rally attempts, though they still entered the first half down 40-32. That said, they still collapsed in the fourth quarter, allowing 33 points in the final period, though they got to score 25 of their own.
AU Player to Watch : Vergel Zulueta had a horrible showing, scoring just 10 points on 2 of 10 shooting. He made up for it somewhat by attacking the rim, where he converted 6 of 7 charities, but Zulueta was basically expendable, considering how well Doligon played in this game.

SSCR Stat to Watch : How did the Stags' defense hold up in this game? Not very well, truth be told, as they allowed 29% three-point shooting, 42% two-point shooting, and 39% overall field goal shooting, all well above their averages entering the game. Coach Robinson attributed this to a "How dare you score on me!" attitude of his team, wherein they were more concerned on answering back on offense, instead of defense. It's an attitude he'll hopefully wean from his players by the time the San Beda game comes around.
SSCR Player to Watch : For more on Abueva, see above.

Other Stats:
  • The Stags committed 19 turnovers, nine more than Arellano, and the Chiefs got 20 turnover points out of them. Considering how many of those errors were unforced, it's another aspect of San Sebastian's game they'll have to polish up in anticipation of their match versus San Beda.
  • The two sides player at a very frenetic pace, with San Sebastian running to avoid the zone, and Arellano running to avoid the big man guarding the interior. As a result, the Stags got 30 fastbreak points, while the Chiefs managed 22, despite having just 13 attempts, nine less than the Stags.
  • The starting five of San Sebastian matched the output of the entire Arellano team, 79-79.

EAC 71 - UPHSD 58
Recap - - - Preview

Player of the Game : Despite Joshua Torralba and Jan Jamon having more points and Claude Cubo tying him in that department, I'm gonna give this birthday celebrant Russel Yaya for having more efficient and productive games than the other three. Yaya had 11 points on 4 of 7 shots, 3 of 7 from the line, and added eight rebounds, one assist, one steal, two blocks and just one turnover. Torralba and Jamon were just too inefficient shooting the ball, while Cubo's seven turnovers made me cringe.

EAC Stat to Watch : EAC continues to go one on one for the majority of the game, getting only 10 assists in this encounter with Perpetual Help. At least they're attacking the rim more, taking advantage of some early penalty situations by the Altas. After entering this game averaging just 20.67 attempts, the Generals had 33 today, and converted 21 of them.
EAC Player to Watch : Joshua Torralba led the Generals with 15 points, but once again, his shot selection was at times horrendous, and he finished with a 5 for 14 field goal percentage, plus seven rebounds, two assists and three steals. Despite him being a rookie, EAC has made him their go-to guy, so they'll have to absorb whatever bad tendencies and learning curves Torralba will go through as he adjusts to life in the NCAA.

UPHSD Stat to Watch : Perpetual averaged eight fastbreak points coming into this game. Coming out of it, that number's now lower, as they had just seven against a loose, turnover prone EAC team. Another thing they lowered was their average points per game, from 67.33, to 66, thanks to a 58 point non-effort. They also had zero second-chance points. Not a single one.
UPHSD Player to Watch : After a great game by Scottie Thompson, the rookie from Davao regressed with a a two point, 1 for 5 effort, that included two rebounds, an assist and three turnovers. Thompson was such a non-factor that I barely remember him playing. Just move on.

Other Stats:
  • Did I mention that Perpetual Help had 0 second-chance points? They managed 12 offensive rebounds, and EAC is not exactly a towering team, so 0 strikes me as amazing.
  • A few games ago, Jan Jamon was one of the most efficient shooters in the league, nailing 24 of his 45 attempts through four games for a 16-point average. Since then, including this game, he's just 15/38 for 14 points. He also used to be good for at least two triples a game, but that's down as well to a single trey.

NCAA Picking Record:  25-10

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