Saturday, August 13, 2011

One Day Later: CSJL vs EAC, AU vs CSB

Together we stand - with the guards having an off-day, the Letran bigs carried the game (pic source)

CSJL76  - EAC 67
Recap - - - Preview

Player of the Game : Jam Cortes beat up the Generals down low, top-scoring for the Knights with 18 points and a season-high 20 rebounds, Cortes dominated the paint, easily outmatching the various front-court defenders the Generals tried to put in front of him, from Dhan Diolanto, Jolas Paguia, Russel Yaya, and Claude Cubo.

CSJL Stat to Watch : Letran was not able to get turnover points like they normally do, forcing just 16 miscues on the Generals for 10 points (EAC in comparison, forced Letran into 20 turnovers and got 13 points out of them). The Knights however, were able to dominate the glass, with 17 more offensive rebounds, for 15 more second-chance points.
CSJL Player to Watch : See above.

EAC Stat to Watch : EAC committed 33 fouls while drawing just 17 from the Knights. That only helped Letran's bigs to run rampant around the frontlines of the Generals, as EAC was hindered by foul trouble to stop them.
EAC Player to Watch : Jan Jamon was off once again, scoring 11 points on 4 of 17 shooting, along with four rebounds, two assists and five turnovers. Jamon was hot-headed the entire game, frustrated by the physicality dished out by the Knights and it clearly affected his shooting.

Other Stats:
  • The Knights got a huge advantage in terms of foul shots, getting to the line 41 times, compared to just 11 by Generals. Letran only made 24 of those freebies though, while EAC hit nine. 

New look - a revamped starting line-up powered the Chiefs forward over Benilde (pic source)

AU 64 - CSB 60
Recap - - - Preview

Player of the Game : Andrian Celada was able to pad the stat sheet despite coming off the bench, scoring 16, and adding three rebounds, four assists and another three steals. He only needed 11 shots to get his points, a huge improvement from his previous poor-shooting games.

AU Stat to Watch : Arellano was able to edge out CSB in terms of free throws, 13 to 11 (AU made 12, compared to 7 by CSB). In terms of rebounds though, they still had just 33, one more than their average entering the game. Seven of those were offensive rebounds, which earned them only two second-chance points.
AU Player to Watch : While not as explosive as his first game, Mark Doligon bucked foul trouble to get nine points on 3 of 4 shooting, plus four rebounds. The revamped line-up helped Arellano a lot, balancing out their bench and starter points.

CSB Stat to Watch : The slow pace of the game actually negated a lot of CSB's problems, such as the large amount of points per quarter given up, and the number of field goals attempts of the other team. Arellano only got 16 three-point attempts, part of their 57 total field goal attempts.
CSB Player to Watch : Ian Dela Paz regressed back to mediocre, getting the start but contributing only three points and three rebounds in 17 minutes.

Other Stats:
  • The Chiefs blitzed the Blazers in terms of fastbreak points, 16 to 9, and turnover points, 19 to 12

NCAA Picking Record: 28-11

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