Monday, January 24, 2011

The Kiefer Ravena Decision FAQ

Q: Is Kiefer Ravena really going to Ateneo now? This isn't just some internet hoax?

A: Not a hoax, not a dream, or an imaginary story, Kiefer Ravena is really, really, staying in Ateneo.

Q: What's your source?

A: GMA News broke the story first yesterday, followed by the major newspapers.

Q: So what took him so long?

A: Ravena explained that he and his family were waiting for an offer from a US Division I school. They didn't get any, and for awhile, considered sending him abroad to get more exposure. Finally though, he decided to just stay at Ateneo instead.

Q: Does that mean rumors of a school like Butler recruiting him were bull?

A: Yes, definitely. The fact alone that people said that it was Butler, out to have raised eyebrows right from the start.

Q: What schools were a factor recruiting-wise, locally?

A: Ravena mentioned that he heard offers from DLSU, NU, and UP, when Aboy Castro was still coach. Nothing from UE, his father's alma mater,and nothing from UST, his mother's alma mater. He didn't mention anything about San Beda or other teams from the NCAA recruiting him either.

Q: Is it true that he and Baser Amer are going to play in the PBA?

A: Smart Gilas is slated to be a guest team in the second conference of the PBA, tentatively scheduled from February 20 to May 15, and Gilas wants those two players (and I'm guessing, another ADMU player, Greg Slaughter) in the line-up. Ravena himself though isn't making a firm commitment just yet.

Q: What's stopping him from playing?

A: Well Gilas would have to clear it with the UAAP first, as joining the PBA might affect his amateur status. After that, they'd have to clear it with Ateneo High School, as that would be finals time and Kiefer is a graduating student. Finally, Ateneo would have to okay it, because I would imagine they wouldn't want him to burn himself out before playing a single collegiate game. Toss in the fact that it might conflict with summer practice and tournaments, and I see the whole thing as unlikely.

Q: How good is ADMU going to be in S74?

A: They're going to be very, very good. In terms of depth, they'll be the deepest team and literally everyone is capable of going off for a big scoring night. Toss in the fact that they have Coach Norman Black at the helm and it'd be foolish not to consider them as the early favorites.

Q: Can they go undefeated?

A: The UAAP is a more competitive league compared to last season's NCAA. FEU could challenge them, as could NU and La Salle. I also think a loss could be good to refocus the team and to keep them fresh. That said, if there's a coach that will use the break afforded by a sweep to maximum effect, it'd have to be Coach Black.

Q: Will Kiefer start?

A: I think that's highly unlikely. I can't see him starting in Monfort's spot because he's not as good at handling the ball, nor can I see Coach Norman Black starting two undersized guards. He might be better off leading the second unit, along with Mark Tallo, with whom he can switch on defensive assignments, letting the taller Tallo guard the SG and Ravena the PG.

Q: Will Kiefer stay the entire five years?

A: He said he'd stick around for four or five years, and there'll always be the super unlikely possibility that a US college does express interest in him, but I think he'll probably stay the entire five years.

Video interview courtesy of Bleachers Brew

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