Friday, January 7, 2011

Forum Crawl: 01/07/11

A look at various, as of the moment, unconfirmed bits of information, floating around the different hoops forums. 

ITEM! That Ponso Gotladera thing? Pretty much confirmed according to just about everyone. The question still is why? Well, according to "hacksaw", DLSU team management was not satisfied with the progress one of their recruits, necessitating the need for a "Plan B." Going by the logic that a big man replaces another big man, that leaves Arnold Van Opstal and Norberto Torres as the two main candidates...

ITEM! Movement has been made on one of the coaching fronts in the UAAP, according to "Wang-Bu." Supposedly, the UE board voted not to renew the contract of current coach Lawrence Chongson, and have decided to target Jerry Codinera. They'll have to pry him away from his current position as UP assistant coach though...

ITEM! Thanks to some kind Bedan friends of his, "Bahay_Kubo" has dropped some info on where this successful group of Red Cubs are headed. Expect Baser Amer to stay home, Gotladera, as previously mentioned, to head to Taft, Chris Javier to go to Ateneo, and Von Chavez to play for UE.

Additionally, "Bahay_Kubo" feels that UST will keep one of their homegrown talents, Jaypee Sarcia, while King Tiger Cub, Kevin Ferrer, is still deciding between Ateneo and UST...

BLIND ITEM! See if you can identify this prospect, as described by some members of the Blue Eagles Nest.
  • "If it were up to me, I'd take him over Gwynne Capacio!"
  • Plays the same position as "our juniors Scottie Pippen"
  • Won't be a problem academically
  • Says one poster, "para naman makabawi tayo kahit paano sa atraso nung 'current school' nya sa atin."
  • At the very least, deserves "equal billing" with the Phenom

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