Monday, January 10, 2011

Forum Crawl: 01/10/11

A look at various, as of the moment, unconfirmed bits of information, floating around the different hoops forums. If an ITEM! is marked in red, take that item with a grain of salt, or better yet, a lot of salt.

ITEM! Angered by the fact that everyone's poaching their high school talent, San Beda has decided to go on the offensive and steal some recruits back. Target #1? Ateneo High's Von Pessumal, who was "supposedly" seen practicing with the Red Lions recently...

ITEM! Tamaraw Whammy #1: Is Gino Juamo-ass being stolen away by UE?

ITEM! Tamaraw Whammy #2: Is Calvin Abueva changing course and heading towards M.O.A.?

ITEM! No more Lawrence Chongson? Then no more Paul Lee as well, as Lee only wanted to play in Chongson's freewheeling (read: Lee-centric) offense...

ITEM! UE will be relying on former Letran Squire Roy Sumang for offense and to give their backcourt the sort of stability players like James Martinez had given them in the past. The question is though: is he eligible for next season? He never properly graduated from Letran High, and had to transfer to U.E. If that's the case, why's he taking an equivalency test that will render him out for another year?

ITEM! Adamson fans rejoice, as King Importante will finally be eligible this season. Two years of being ruled out at the last minute ought to be more than enough.

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