Thursday, December 8, 2011

PCCL 2011 - UC vs SSCR

Three Up
  • It took three games, but the 6'10" Junemar Fajardo finally blocked a shot. That's right, Fajardo had not registered a swat in his first two games against Ateneo and San Beda, but was able to record three today, along with 20 points and 12 rebounds. More importantly, Fajardo didn't have to be the main cog of the UC offense, which made it tougher for the Stags to defend the Webmasters as a whole.
  • The Webmasters are pretty reliant on their three-point shot going in. In their first game against Ateneo, they were only 8 of 29 from downtown, a stat that increased to 11 of 30 versus San Beda. Versus San Sebastian, they attempted a whopping 41 triples, converting on 16 of them. Their outside shooting was highlighted by the duo of Edward Pao and Mohammad Robinson, who combined for 45 points, shooting 13 of 26 from outside the arc. 
  • Point guard Brian Heruela has continued to impress, threatening to post a triple-double in each game. His combination of speed, heft, and shooting ability, lead to averages of 11.33 points, 9.33 rebounds, 7.67 assists and 1.33 steals, and he's been probably the team's most consistent player. 

Three Down
  • Once again height did not exactly lead automatically to more rebounds, as the Stags managed to out-do the Webmasters on the boards despite the loss. They tallied 46 rebounds, 16 on the offensive end, versus the production of the Webmasters, 35 rebounds, 9 offensive. 
  • After a record 10-low turnovers versus the Blue Eagles, San Sebastian went back to their old ways, making 23 miscues, closer to their 21.33 mistakes per game in the NCAA. 
  • Save for a 28-point second quarter, the Stags were a mess on offense. They made just 16 of their 49 field goal attempts in the first, third and fourth quarters, scoring less than 20 points each time. They also managed just 16 free throws in that time, making only half. 

PCCL 2011: UC vs SSCR

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