Friday, December 23, 2011

5 Ways to Improve the PCCL

1. Add provisions for suspending players
The PCCL likes to pride itself on values such as sportsmanship, camaraderie, and the like, but that does not always work out in practice, especially in this year's tournament. Between the San Sebastian-San Beda brawl that came right on the heels of the two schools' incident during a volleyball game at San Beda College, Calvin Abueva's intentional bump of a referee, and DLSU's Jovet Mendoza getting hit with two unsportsmanlike fouls within minutes of each other, there were plenty of times when the league ought to have cracked down on poor behavior, but couldn't because they had no rules about it.

2. Synch up the start times for all the member leagues
The reason why the PCCL only started in November? A lot of the provincial leagues were still unfolding while the NCAA and UAAP teams were sitting idle. Why not create a rule that will make all leagues have their opening tip no later than say the second week of July so that regional tourneys can begin on the last week of October, around the time the Unigames end? That also means teams, especially top-ranked ones, won't have the problem of weeks of downtime, which leads to rusty performances.

3. Synch up the schedule with the PBA Developmental League
While this is a pipedream, given that the two leagues are aired on different networks, there ideally should be more communication amongst the two groups, to prevent instances of players having to either choose which of their two teams to play for, or playing both games but arriving late to one of them. This victimized the Adamson Falcons the most this year, what with their squad forming the core of the PBA-DL Freego Jeans squad. Though Coach Leo Austria was able to get concessions from the PCCL to have their games begin half an hour earlier, he still had to send players off earlier to their PBA-DL game, leaving him with fewer options on the bench, not what you want when you're forced into overtime. Given how the PBA-DL isn't even aired live on TV, can't they be a bit more flexible with their schedule? Surely they can find a way to divide up the seven days in a week.

4. More viewing options
The PCCL has actually gotten better at this, as they managed to get some of the provincial games on the air, albeit on a delayed basis, but every hoops junkie's dream is of course, to have all of the games live. As an example, I'm sure lots of DLSU fans would have wanted the Metro Manila regional to have aired as those were the first few games of the Archers under Gee Abanilla's management. While TV time is understandably at a premium, why not livestream those games online, or have them up on their website on a same-day basis? Or at the very least, have the PCCL Facebook page put up live updates of what's going on in the games.

5. Better stats
As a stats junkie, I was disheartened that the Metro Manila regional had the stats being done by hand, with just points and fouls being identified (and even then, they got stuff wrong, such as in one of the La Salle games). While we eventually got computerized stats a week before the Final Four, a supposedly prestigious tournament like the PCCL ought to have computerized stats to pour over right at the get-go. 

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