Sunday, November 27, 2011

PCCL 2011 - SSCR vs ADU

Three Up
  • Ronald Pascual's production simply dropped off a cliff in the latter part of the NCAA season, going from averaging nearly 20 points in his first 17 games to a pathetic 11 when his team needed it the most: the post-season. Well, the former Adamson Falcon Team B member clearly had something to prove, scoring a game-high 29 markers while grabbing an incredible 16 rebounds (we'll overlook the 33 percent shooting and the seven turnovers)
  • The other two members of the Pampanga Trio were pretty good as well - Calvin Abueva finished with 24 points, 22 rebounds and four blocks, despite playing a game-high 40 minutes, while Ian Sangalang added 18 and 13, with three more rejections. When everyone in the Golden Stags Big Three is rolling, they're simply hard to stop. 
  • At one point in UAAP history, Jerick Canada was considered the man at Adamson, prior to Lester Alvarez being added to Team A. Canada gracefully became a back-up from that point on, but like his last Final Four game versus FEU, "Air Canada" has shown that he can take over a game. In this example, the point guard narrowly missed a triple-double, with a team-best 21 points, nine rebounds and 10 assists in just 31 minutes. He also shot 5 of 11 from downtown. 

Three Down
  • After carrying the team versus the JRU Heavy Bombers, Janus Lozada and Austin Manyara both regressed to the norm, unable to sustain their superb efforts. Lozada managed just six points on 2 of 13 shooting, while Manyara had just three points, missed all but one of his four free throw attempts, and didn't even come up with a single rebound in his 23 minute long stint. Yes, the 6'6" big guy didn't touch a rebound. 
  • At halftime, the Falcons had shot 6 of 15 from downtown, with 13 turnover points off 13 San Sebastian turnovers. What happened after the break? Their outside shooting worsened to 5 of 30, and they scored just five more turnover points, as the Stags tightened up their execution, to commit only 12 mistakes in the 25 minutes left. For some strange reason, Adamson loves the three-ball when they play San Sebastian but this time, they could not convert when it mattered.
  • Anthony Del Rio looked lost on the court, unable to stay in front of his man and forced to foul on nearly every other possession. That meant he was sitting on the bench early, playing just 16 minutes before getting number five, contributing a rebound and two assists in the process.

Random Notes
  • For the second straight game, the Falcons had to play early and then hightail out of the Arena to go to their PBA-DL match, which they lost too, making it a double whammy for them.
  • On the other hand, the Pampanga Trio were excused from their PBA-DL game, which is a good thing for them, as they accounted for all but 14 points of their team. 

PCCL 2011: SSCR vs ADU

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