Wednesday, November 23, 2011

PCCL 2011 - ADU vs JRU

Three Up
  • The Falcons drew strong play from two guys who were often criticized for their tendency to disappear in games in their win against JRU, namely Janus Lozada and Austin Manyara. Lozada's long arms did a good job harassing Nate Matute, preventing him from catching fire, and they also allowed him to haul down 11 rebounds, impressive because he's never hauled down double-digit boards in his UAAP career. Manyara on the other hand, could not be stopped by the JRU bigs, as he was sent to the line a whopping 15 times where he converted 12. To put that into context, Manyara hit just 40 percent of his free throws in the past UAAP season, and has only gone to the line at most, six times, which happened twice in his rookie year.
  • In Season 73, the Falcons were masters of the swipe, norming 7.2 steals and forcing 19.8 turnovers per game. Those numbers dropped considerably in Season 74 (5.69 and 16.63, respectively) as they somehow morphed into the slowest team in the league, but Adamson tapped into that past identity versus a sloppy JRU team (third-most turnovers in the NCAA). Without really pressing, instead relying nearly exclusively on a zone defense, the Falcons were able to get 8 steals and force 22 turnovers for 25 turnover points.
  • Jeckster Apinan was the lone bright spot for the Heavy Bombers, as the undersized big man used his athleticism to score on the taller, stronger Falcons frontline. His 17 points off the bench in 25 minutes was a team-best. 

Three Down
  • After playing an insane 38 minutes, Alex Almario got the start for JRU and looked and played like he was exhausted. Almario logged nine minutes in the first half, good for an assist, two turnovers, and not much else. By the final buzzer, the total was 24 minutes, 3 points, 6 assists and 4 turnovers. Do you think Coach Meneses regrets riding his point guard so much versus NU? 
  • John Lopez went through an 8-game stretch in the middle of the NCAA season where he scored in double-digits just once in that span. Unsurprisingly, the team was 2-6 in that same time. This looked like a game from that stretch as the power forward was just 2 of 7 from the field with no free throws, as Jan Colina and Eric Camson split time shutting him down. Though he managed 10 rebounds and 4 assists, he also gave it back just as much with 6 turnovers.
  • Going back to the topic of poor performances by a point guard, Lester Alvarez came off the bench for a nine-minute stretch where he tallied a mere two points, an assist, and two turnovers before getting his foot trampled on by a JRU player, forcing him to be subbed out. Definitely underwhelming from this explosive player. 

Random Notes
  • Alex Nuyles was suited up but was not fielded in. At first I thought it was to save him for their PBA-DL game, but then he's not listed on their roster online. He must be injured then right? 

PCCL 2011: ADU vs JRU

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