Thursday, September 1, 2011

Coach Speak - Norman Black

The first people that pop into my head when someone asks me to personify wisdom include Dumbledore, Spider-man's Uncle Ben, and Ateneo head coach Norman Black.

Black is currently the longest-tenured head coach in the UAAP, and also the one with the most titles to his name. At the helm of a winning program for the past couple of years, not to mention the time he's spent steering teams to multiple titles in the PBA, the current Blue Eagles mentor has been in plenty of situations, from the pinnacle of success, to the depths of heartbreaking losses. So when he talks about what a team needs to succeed, the thinking that goes into coming up with game plans, or coming up with adjustments, there's instant credibility there. And as he attempts to steer his charges towards their fourth straight title, possibly by way of an elimination round sweep, it's amazing how levelheaded, how calm, focused, and humble Black is, through him, his coaching staff and his players.

After the second round UP-ADMU game, Black had his longest post-game conference with the press, ironically after some were grousing about how there couldn't possibly anything left to ask (12 straight wins can do that). In it, the coach touched upon a large number of things, from the strategy employed versus UP, preparing for NU, Tim Cone's resignation from Alaska, and how the Blue Eagles are handling thoughts of the "S" word. I personally find it fascinating to hear, and maybe you will too.

UAAP S74: ADMU vs UP Round 2 by chinoyhoopsfan

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