Saturday, June 18, 2011

The "Should Be" UAAP S74 Schedule

So, as detailed in my previous post, ADMU reportedly sent a proposed schedule to UAAP schools that does not follow the prescribed formula set out in the UAAP rulebook. While we have yet to find out whether or not that proposal will be accepted, or if Ateneo will be made to revert to normal process, we can in the meantime, look at how the schedule would look like under the conventions set out in the rules.

The "imaginary, could-be, should-be" schedule for UAAP S74, under the cut

A few nitty gritty:

  • You can check out the UAAP rules here
  • ADMU was the champ last year, so they're slotted in at #1, despite finishing the season at #2. Since FEU was runner-up, it follows that they're #2, despite finishing the season at #1. Everything from that point onwards sticks to the standings, with Adamson at #3, La Salle at #4, and so on.
  • The rulebook does not give any guidelines as to what is a Thursday game, what is a Saturday game, what is a 2pm game, what is a 4pm game, and so on.
  • After the first round-robin is concluded, the schedule for the second batch of games is created using the first round standings

1st Round Pairing
(1) ADMU vs (3) AdU
(2) FEU vs (4) DLSU
(5) NU vs (7) UST
(6) UE vs (8) UP

2nd Round Pairing
(1) ADMU vs (5) NU
(2) FEU vs (6) UE
(3) AdU vs (7) UST
(4) DLSU vs (8) UP

3rd Round Pairing
(1) ADMU vs (4) DLSU
(2) FEU vs (3) AdU
(5) NU vs (8) UP
(6) UE vs (7) UST

4th Round Pairing
(1) ADMU vs (6) UE
(2) FEU vs (7) UST
(3) AdU vs (8) UP
(4) DLSU vs (5) NU

5th Round Pairing
(1) ADMU vs (7) UST
(2) FEU vs (8) UP
(3) AdU vs (5) NU
(4) DLSU vs (6) UE

6th Round Pairing 
(1) ADMU vs (8) UP
(2) FEU vs (5) NU
(3) AdU vs (6) UE
(4) DLSU vs (7) UST

7th Round Pairing
(1) ADMU vs (2) FEU
(3) AdU vs (4) DLSU
(5) NU vs (6) UE
(7) UST vs (8) UP

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