Monday, July 4, 2011

The "Nu" Parks Argument

The following, compiled from reports from the Philippine Star and the Philippine Daily Inquirer, is what NU looks to present at tomorrow's board meeting to ensure the eligibility of Bobby Ray Parks for the upcoming UAAP season.

Point 1: Bobby Ray Parks graduated grade school locally, from the International Christian Academy in Paranaque.

Point 2: Parks then spent his next four years of education in the U.S., 8th grade at Redway Elementary School, and 9th to 11th grades at St. George's

Point 3: Parks' mother went to the US for work in 2003, with his Dad following in 2005, bringing along Parks Jr. and his sister

So despite the fact that Parks studied abroad for more than a three-year period, which would normally merit a student a two-year residency, NU is hoping to use the rule that grants an exception to "Children of parents assigned abroad due to the nature of their jobs" and/or "Children whose parents are OFWs and stationed abroad."

Here's the problem with that argument.

Baculi said NU will present all the documents to prove Parks’ eligibility, including authenticated papers from the Phl Consul in LA and employment contracts of his mother, to the UAAP board on its meeting on July 5.

The thing is if all that NU has are papers of his mother, it's not going to work because the mother left in 2003, when Bobby Ray Parks was still in Grade 4. The mother didn't ring Bobby Ray with her to the US at that time. If the Bulldogs want to argue that they merit the exception, they'll need to submit employment records of his father to cover the period from 2006-2010 since it's he who brought the Parks children to America to study. It's also a bit of a stretch to for the board to swallow the fact that they'll be using LA work records when Parks studied high school in Memphis, Tennessee, as covered in this Sports Illustrated article.

NU wants desperately for Parks to be eligible this season, and the university athletics office is going to considerable lengths to get him cleared, but boy are things getting confusing.

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