Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Quinito Says "Don't Forget the Archers!"

With all the publicity Ateneo, UP and NU have been drawing in recent weeks, thanks to "Decision" episodes by their respective superstar recruits, it is no wonder that famous DLSU alum Quinito Henson wants desperately to swing the spotlight back on to his beloved Archers, which is exactly what he does in an article today for the Philippine Star.

Truth be told, there's not a lot of new information in it for those who frequent various UAAP forums. The Archers are bringing in Arnold Van Opstal, Dan Sara, Norbert Torres, and, health willing, LA Revilla for next season. That means four people are going to get cut, at the very least, and the article gives no hints about that (in fact, it lists the entire current DLSU roster, including everyone's favorite goat, Ferdinand).

In fact, THE juiciest bits are like mere morsels of information. The first is that Coach Dindo Pumaren says they "may tap three more rookies[,] but declined to name them." We can assume one is Ponso Gotladera, from the San Beda Red Cubs. The seemingly disappeared Louie Vigil from JRU High School might be another, but there are rumors regarding his academic eligibility. The last one could be yet another Tiger Cub changing colors, as the Archers are supposedly interested in Ismael Corre.

The second nugget is dropped when Pumaren outlines their summer plans, saying that "La Salle will play Ateneo in an exhibition game in Dubai in April." Hopefully that can be televised on Studio 23, as it'll be interesting to see which side draws more supporters there. That would also mean the two rivals will be meeting a minimum of twice during the summer (the other would most likely be a Fil-Oil Preseason Tournament game).

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